The NASTAR Center

Current Ongoing and Completed Projects:

GL4000 Sustained-G Flight Simulator Pilot Assessment and Motion Fidelity Analysis
The goal of this study is to acquire expert opinions on the capabilities of the GYROLAB GL-4000 Continuous G Device (CGD) utilizing the NASA GTM aeromodel for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).
GL4000 Sustained-G Flight Simulator Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Investigation
This study seeks to determine the effectiveness of simulator based UPRT using sustained-G and non-motion based flight simulation platforms.
Effectiveness of Sustained-G Simulation in Loss of Control and Upset Recovery Training
This study is part of a larger body of research aimed at understanding man-machine interaction in aviation, and its influence on aviation safety.
Quantification of Coriolis Cross-Coupling Intensity During Centrifugation and Sustained-G Flight Training
The goal of this study is to design and implement two devices for CCC quantification and compare results with perception model simulations.
An experiment to evaluate transfer of upset recovery training conducted using two different flight simulation devices
Air transport training programs provide simulator-based upset-recovery instruction for company pilots. However, no prior research demonstrates that such training transfers to an airplane in flight.