The NASTAR Center

The NASTAR Center provides flexible, easy access to unique motion platforms and advanced simulation equipment for researchers and organizations. NASTAR Center is an ideal setting to test limitations and performance of humans and vehicle systems in a safe, controlled, and fully customizable real-world setting.
Our Four Main Areas of Research include the following:

Human Factors and Man-Machine Interaction

Projects include The Effect of Hyper Gravity on Manual Control Tasking Ability and Centrifuge Evaluation of Chemical Biological Aircrew Respirator (CBAR). Learn More

Learning and Training and Methodologies

Current projects include GL4000 Sustained-G Flight Simulator Pilot Assessment and Motion Fidelity Analysis and Effectiveness of Sustained-G Simulation in Loss of Control and Upset Recovery Training. Learn More

Sensory Physiology and Motion Perception

Example projects include Adaptation to Coriolis Inducing Head Movements in a Sustained-G Flight Simulator and Predicting Adaptation to Altered Gravity. Learn More

Stress, Cognition, and Human Performance

Current projects include Pilot Reactions to Unusual Aircraft Attitudes and Training Effects on Anxiety, Arousal, and Performance in Simulated Sub-Orbital Spaceflight. Learn More