All experiments that involve the use of human subjects must either be formally submitted and approved by the NASTAR Center’s on-site institutional review board (IRB) or approved by the NASTAR IRB chairperson according to the findings of an authorized external IRB. The IRB is in place to make sure researchers have a comprehensive plan for their experiments and to ensure the safety of all research participants.
For Researchers who wish to use NASTAR Center’s IRB
Researchers who wish to submit their experiment directly to the NASTAR Center’s IRB are required to submit an IRB application package to the IRB chairperson. The chairperson will look over the documentation and convene a formal IRB meeting to review the submission package. This review MUST take place prior to any formal advertisement or solicitation of research subjects and typically takes about 2 – 4 weeks. A detailed guide outlining the submission requirements and an example IRB submission package are included in the attached IRB Application Checklist.
NASTAR Center’s Institutional Review Board Support
The NASTAR Center is capable of providing IRB support for those researchers who wish to let NASTAR handle the human protection and ethics review process. A NASTAR Center research scientist will interface with the research team to create and present an IRB application package to the on-site review board.
For Researchers who wish to use an External IRB
Researchers who wish to use a university or external IRB must ensure that the experiment adheres to a more stringent set of guidelines.
A signed approval letter from the external certified IRB must be presented to the NASTAR IRB chairperson along with the experimental protocol, informed consent forms and curriculum vitae’s of all researchers involved in the investigation. The chairperson will review the documentation and ensure that the experiment in question meets the following criteria:
a) ETC/NASTAR Center is not responsible for the recruitment of experimental subjects
b) ETC/NASTAR will not be providing a Principle Investigator (PI) for the experiment
c) The NASTAR IRB chairperson deems the experiment to be at most minimal risk
Experiments that meet these guidelines will be considered for external IRB approval at the IRB chairperson’s discretion. The chairperson may seek advice and consul from individual NASTAR Center IRB members but will not formally convene the IRB. If the external findings are not upheld by the chairperson the experiment MUST go through the standard IRB application process to be considered for approval.