As aircraft operations move to higher altitudes, it is increasingly important to recognize the dangers of the high-altitude flight environment. Recent stories of so-called “Ghost Flights” where hypoxia in pilots have led to tragedy only bring home the danger of this phenomenon. The Altitude Awareness and Hypoxia Training course provides participants with crucial information on hypoxia, rapid decompression, Time of Useful Consciousness (TUC) and other high altitude hazards.

Classroom instruction is reinforced with practical exercises in an FAA-approved altitude chamber, enabling participants to recognize critical hypoxia symptoms, raising the overall awareness of its dangers and how to respond. Pilots also manage the effects of hypoxia and night vision and how practice recovering from a rapid decompression.


  • The physical, physiological and psychological stresses of high-altitude flight
  • The physiological-deficient zone (Operations above 10,000 feet MSL)
  • Recognizing common hypoxia and hyperventilation symptoms
  • Hypoxia and hyperventilation management
  • Recovery from a rapid decompression event
  • Time of Useful Consciousness (TUC)

Altitude Chamber Flights

  • 25,000-foot Hypoxia demonstration flight
  • 18,000 foot night vision demonstration flight
  • Rapid decompression flight

2021 Altitude Awareness Training (Hypoxia, Night Vision & Rapid Decompression) Prerequisites:

  • FAA Medical Class 1, 2 or 3. Or Aviation Medical from your country of citizenship.  Or Physician Clearance Letter. Medicals must be valid on the date of training.
  • Must complete the NASTAR Center Booking & Reservation Packet. (will be provided once a training date is agreed).
  • Provide a color copy of a Government issued photo ID.  For US Citizens, Drivers License or Passport.  For non-US citizens, Passport.
  • Each Trainee must provide a copy of Covid-19 vaccination, or proof of Covid-19 recovery.
  • Bookings and 100% payment must be completed a minimum of 10 days prior to course date.
  • Due to Covid-19 Social Distancing Restrictions; class sizes are limited to four (4) persons maximum.  Bookings of less than 4 people, will be billed at the 4 person rate, or reservation will be incorporated into the next available class.