The NASTAR Center

The one-week (5 day) NASTAR Center AeroSpace Medicine Program is positioned as a supplemental component for students and resident physicians enrolled in Aerospace Medicine University Programs.
The program provides hands-on authentic exposure to extreme air and spaceflight environments including the physiological stresses of flight. The role of the aerospace physician in pilot training and education will be emphasized throughout the course.
Academic review is paired with physical, hands-on instruction using advanced physiology-based simulators housed at NASTAR Center including: Centrifuge, Gyrolab, Altitude Chamber and Night Vision System. It The week long (5 day) program is conducted at the premier NASTAR Center facilities just outside of Philadelphia, PA.
Students may be eligible to qualify for credits through their university (call NASTAR Center for further details on eligibility).

For other AeroSpace medicine courses and offerings, including courses for organizations with ETC-purchased equipment, please visit AMTI at ETCAeromedicalTraining.com.