The ATFS-400 Human Centrifuge is the World’s most high-fidelity flight simulator. It has the exclusive ability to simulate any phase of flight with acceleration, vibration, 3 fully controllable axes with continuous 360° pitch and roll, and real-world displays and controls.

The ATFS-400 Human Centrifuge provides pilots, passengers, and crew with a safe, ground based, realistic training environment. It provides same physiological stresses encountered during actual flight, which enables optimization of in-air skills and techniques.

Training Values

• Optimal learning and training transfer to real aircraft or spacecraft
• Safe and controlled setting in initial and refresher learning
• Safely explore air/space craft performance envelope with various configurations
• Data linking capability to Cockpit Modules or other simulators via HLA
• Understand and model both human and vehicle limitations in extreme flight environments
• Reduce risk and extend aircraft service life from initial and refresher training


• 25 foot arm
• Maximum G Level: 12 Gs
• Onset Rate: 10 G/second
• Maximum Payload: 1200 lbs
• BIOPAK medical monitoring equipment
• Pressurized oxygen and breathing air
• Anti-G suit connections
• CCTV video capture & recording
• Multi-channel voice communication system
• Interchangeable air/space Cockpit Modules
• 120˚ x 70˚ FoV & real-world visual display
• Configurable flight profile editor


• Nominal/off-nominal trajectory scenarios
• Mission rehearsal & planning
• Human performance under G
• Space Training
• Civilian Training
• Military & High G training
• High risk maneuvers training