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NASTAR Center Will Be Attending the NBAA Regional Forum at Palm Beach International Airport on February 19th

Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) is indisputably the leading cause of fatal airplane crashes and crash-related fatalities nationwide. So problematic is LOCI that the NTSB included it in its 2015 Most Wanted List.
The National Aerospace Training and Research (NASTAR) Center is going to be attending the NBAA Regional Forum at Palm Beach International Airport on February 19th, and will be available to discuss our Part 135 business aviation focused training programs. We have times available on both February 19th and 20th, but they are filling up fast!
Since 2007 the NASTAR Center has trained thousands of pilots from around the globe using the most advanced simulator technology available. Current doctrine generates pilots who are well trained to fly within the Normal flight envelope. However, pilots need to experience Startle, Surprise and other Stressors, including G-Forces during training in order to be prepared for that once in a lifetime maneuver. Our solution is Upset Prevention and Recovery Training in our G-producing, two-seat full-motion simulator.
Other highly-acclaimed programs offered through the NASTAR Center, including Altitude Awareness and Hypoxia Training, Situational Awareness/Spatial Disorientation and Practical Crew Resource Management (CRM), further address major safety problems in aviation. Once again, all are developed specifically for Part 135 pilots.
Please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss a customized approach to your training.
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