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NASTAR Center Field Trips

Looking for an interesting destination for a school field trip? Bring your class to the NASTAR® Center. Your students will see an altitude chamber, aircraft simulator, ejection seat trainer, spatial disorientation trainer, and high performance human centrifuge. Whenever training or equipment testing is going on, your students will be able to see these devices in action. Students will also see demonstrations of Boyle’s Law of Gases, spatial disorientation, and will be able to try on pieces of flight equipment.
NASTAR Center field trips support the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Technology and Engineering Education:
Science as Inquiry Standards: all standards
Biological Sciences: Form and Function
Physical Sciences, Chemistry

  • Properties of Matter
  • Structure of Matter

Physical Sciences, Physics

  • Force and Motion
  • Electrical and Magnetic Energy

Technology and Engineering Education

  • Characteristics of Technology
  • Core Concepts of Technology
  • Technology Connections

Technology and Society

  • Effects of Technology
  • Society and Development of Technology
  • Technology and History

Technology and Engineering Design

  • Design Attributes
  • Engineering Design
  • Research and Development, Invention and Innovation

Abilities for a Technological World

  • Applying the Design Process
  • Using and Maintaining Technological Information
  • Assessing Impact of Products and Systems

The Designed World

  • Medical Technologies
  • Transportation Technologies
  • Manufacturing Technologies

For enrollment information, contact Greg Kennedy at (215) 355-9100, X 1512, or A registration packet may also be downloaded from the NASTAR Center website.

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