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Each cockpit module can be data linked to other cockpit modules or full mission simulators for multi-ship training in a distributed mission operation (DMO) environment. This capability greatly enhances the flexibility in a flight program or research initiative. Cockpit modules include an aircraft-specific aeromodel tailored to the specific performance of the type and model of aircraft being simulated.
Medical & Research Data Acquisition (DAQ) System
The GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator is designed to accommodate a variety of data acquisition systems. It is designed with real-time data acquisition, processing and storage capability local to the unit with high bandwidth communication channels transmitting the data to the operation room. The data acquisition control console is equipped with direct discrete analog and digital signal connections along with various digital bus forms. This transparent and flexible design allows users to integrate any Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) medical monitoring system or their own custom designed system.
The GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator provides users, both research and training personnel alike, with a flexible, cost effective simulator of unrivaled capability in which to conduct various flight scenarios emulating the most advanced aircraft now on the market today.
With a continuing commitment to technology and excellence in the flight community, ETC is actively pursuing new applications of the Gyrolab GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator, and invites discussion of new and alternative applications.

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