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Visual System
The use of a highly immersive visual system is proven to contribute significantly to the occupant’s perception of flight by greatly abating the detection of any motion artifacts potentially interfering with the research or training objective. The GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator boasts a highly realistic, single visual display system providing each occupant with a realistic, completely immersive visual experience with reduced perception of residual motion artifacts during operation. The collective Field of View (FOV) is 210° Horizontal by 120° Vertical.
Uniquely, the adjustable visual display system possesses the potential for the following fields of view to be accommodated when required;

• 162º x 148º FOV when viewed from 5 inches on-axis
• 114º x 82º FOV when viewed from 20 inches on-axis
• 82º x 52º FOV when viewed from 35 inches on-axis
All visual databases are completely interactive and tailored to meet each individual customers specific training and/or research requirements.
Cockpit Fidelity
The GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator possesses a high fidelity cockpit which may be configured to emulate any aircraft of the Client’s choosing. The physical dimensions of the interior is large enough to accommodate side-by-side seating (such as in the MV-22 and CV-22 aircraft) as well as a single seat or tandem seating configuration. At its largest section, the cockpit interior is approximately 77″ H x 70″ W x 110” L.
Each simulator utilizes a cockpit module concept design whereby the entire cockpit of each is fully extractable and easily exchangeable with another module, enabling the performance of an entirely different set of flight scenarios. With modules that can be interchanged in less than one (1) hour, GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator users are able to realistically simulate as many different tactical aircraft as there are available Cockpit Modules. When not installed in the GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator, the Cockpit Module functions as a stand-alone, portable and expeditionary Operational Flight Simulator (OFS) for multiple applications.

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