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For over 40 years, ETC has been designing, developing and operating human occupied simulation systems for use in training and research applications, in accordance with all applicable international and domestic safety standards as set forth by U.S. and European based organizations such as ASME, ASTM, DIN, etc.
The GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator, in accordance with these standards and in addition to stringent internal ETC manufacturing standards, including ISO 9000 and various others, has been designed and produced with an overarching, inherent design to be as safe as possible in all applications.
Each GL-6000 GRYPHON simulator is equipped with the following safety devices;

• Independent safety computer
• Embedded diagnostics
• Dual stop controls – (operator & occupant)
• Automated brakes on each axis
• Dynamic electrical braking
• UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
• Watchdog timer
• System & facility interlocks
• Floor emergency egress and trainee extraction door
All of these features have been identified by ETC’s safety team as quintessential for ensuring safety via ETC’s years of experience in building safe, effective devices.
To further support the safety of each simulator, ETC mandates a comprehensive, facility implemented test program consisting of a rigorous battery of safety tests which are executed throughout and at the completion of the production cycle, ensuring the mechanical and electrical soundness of each machine produced.
Finally and most importantly, each simulator that leaves the manufacturing facility has been put through the last and final safety test – man-rating. Man-rating is an integral component of the development and life cycle of each human occupied system produced at ETC. Throughout the man-rating program, the design, safety management and control, flight operations validation, and unit life span are monitored and valuable feedback regarding these aspects of the system are obtained. Data collected is used for program and equipment modifications on an ongoing basis.

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