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The GL – 6000 GRYPHON flight simulator motion capability affords emulation of the following flight scenarios:

• Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTOL)
• Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)
• Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing (STOVL)
• Translational Lift
• Conversion to Forward Flight and Hover
• Hover (In Ground Effect (IGE) and Out of Ground Effect (OGE))
• Conversion from aircraft flight to a hover
• Dynamic Mission Rehearsal capability for MV-22, CV-22, and F-35B
• Flight phase transition
• Dynamic G tolerance
• Spatial disorientation/spatial orientation
• Situational awareness
• Motion sickness research and desensitization
• Fatigue countermeasures
• Adaptation to unusual acceleration environment training
Research and training communities alike now have the capacity to accomplish two critical objectives. First, it is possible to identify new and sometimes unpredicted in-flight stresses to the aircraft and pilot resulting from the uniqueness of each motion profile. Second, the GL-6000 GRYPHON simulator newly affords a simulated research and test environment providing a forum in which to safely address these concerns and formulate corrective in-flight procedures in a safe, high – fidelity ground-based environment.
Full, sustained G motion further supports G tolerance and G readiness training to achieve, maintain and elevate operational readiness. The motion profile supported by the immersive visual system enhances and increases the acquisition and retention of taught skills. For research purposes, the sustained G motion capability provides a nearly identical flight environment obtainable without the risk and expense of the actual aircraft.
The greatly expanded envelope of capabilities of the GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator as a research and training device is a technological advancement in simulation. As the first GL – 6000 GRYPHON flight simulators become more widely and actively utilized, additional applications for training and research will be identified, adapted and applied. Ongoing research and development efforts by the Environmental Tectonics Corporation, in conjunction with the international training and research community, will guarantee that subsequent iterations of the GL-6000 GRYPHON simulator will augment its current scope of performance with resultant excellence.

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