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In the last several years, the world of military and commercial aviation has been revolutionized by the introduction of some of the most technologically advanced aircraft ever utilized. These include the Lockheed Martin F-35B (STOVL) Lighting II, Yakovlev Yak – 41, Bell-Boeing MV-22 and CV-22 Osprey, and others. Others such as VTOL UAV aircraft have also added new and unique dimensions to modern day flight.
The presentation of these aircraft has greatly expanded the capabilities of flight programs while simultaneously presenting new and sometimes unforeseen flight challenges. The expanded flight envelope and more demanding cockpit workload dictates an increased requirement for a ground based, full motion simulator capable of replicating these new, unique flight conditions.
The Environmental Tectonics Corporation is pleased to present the aeromedical and military training community with the GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator, a comparably behaving, ground based flight simulator that precisely replicates the acceleration envelope of these aircraft in order to conduct research and training to meet the unique flight challenges they present.
Motion Performance Characteristics
The most notable capability of the GL – 6000 GRYPHON simulator, is state-of-the-art motion capability. Providing the most flexibility and fidelity of any other flight simulator on the market today, it induces 360 degrees of continuous rotation in four axes of motion (planetary rotation, pitch, roll and yaw). Two atypical axes of motion are additionally included, vertical and horizontal translation, both capable of performing in conjunction with the 360 degrees of rotation. The resulting motion platform yields a true six (6) types of motion flight simulation environment – six (6) degrees of freedom. Further, in all axes of motion, at all times, a maximum and sustained G force of ±3Gs is exerted in the Gx, Gz and Gy planes of motion (Ref: Table One). The vertical motion travel envelope is ± 3 feet and the horizontal motion travel envelope is ± 17 feet.

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