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ETC’s AeroMedical Training Institute (AMTI) Completes High G and Ejection Training for Ecuadorian Air Force Pilots

High G and Ejection Training for Ecuadorian Air Force Pilots
SOUTHAMPTON, PA, USA, February 28, 2014 – Environmental Tectonics Corporation (OTC Pink: ETCC) (“ETC” or the “Company”) announced today that ETC‘s AeroMedical Training Institute (AMTI) recently completed training of Ecuadorian Air Force Pilots. The Ecuadorian Air Force is responsible for the protection of Ecuador’s airspace as well as participating in many humanitarian and logistic missions into the Amazon-region of the country.
The AMTI provided classroom instruction and practical application training sessions in the subject areas of sustained high G and tactical aviation, and emergency aircraft egress. All practical application training sessions utilized the Authentic Tactical Fighting System (ATFS-400) and Ejection Seat Trainer (EST) which are permanently resident at ETC’s National AeroSpace Training And Research (NASTAR) Center. The squadron of six pilots were successfully trained in a five day period.
The completion of high G training, places the Ecuadorian Air Force as one of the first countries in the world to utilize ATFS-400 technology for combining basic G training with tactical flight training. According to Glenn King, the AMTI’s Director of Training, “Prior to their high G training, the pilots were only capable of sustaining approximately 4 – 5 G’s. Upon completion of training, all pilots were able to successfully employ weapons and score several bandit “kills” while sustaining up to 9 G’s.”
High G Training for Ecuadorian Air Force Pilots
Ken Ginader, ETC’s Director of Business Development for Tactical Flight Training states, “ETC has conducted several tactical training events in the last six years and has noticed most fighter pilots believed they knew how to perform the Anti-G Straining Maneuver (AGSM), but in reality demonstrated otherwise. However, following three days of AMTI training for Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) engagements, every fighter pilot relearned how to perform a proper AGSM. With budgetary constraints resulting in a reduction of flight hours for tactical pilots in most every air force worldwide, it is important, especially from a risk management perspective, that tactical pilots conduct periodic high G training in a tactical flight training event. With the ATFS-400, it is now possible to conduct high G training while performing a tactical fight training event in flight simulation.”
King said, “This type of flight training validates the concept of combining physiology training with tactical flight training to substantially reduce training and operational costs to our customers.”
The AMTI provides state of the art physiology training to clients worldwide, serving the training and research needs of the military and civil aerospace community. AMTI’s training programs are highly modular and flexible and can accommodate a wide range of aerospace training and research requirements.

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