The NASTAR Center

With NASTAR Camp EX students are actively engaged in scientific applications of Newton’s Laws of Motion, forces of flight, space exploration, and humans in flight. This multi-disciplinary curriculum incorporates activities that also promote social studies!
NASTAR Camp EX is a completely self-contained licensed classroom kit with age appropriate lesson plans, branded supplies, and materials for an exciting five-day high impact program that fosters a love of math and science.
NASTAR Camp EX provides everything you need to inspire students in the areas of physics, science, history and mathematics. Each kit contains:

  • NASTAR Center License for a one-week program
  • Curriculum and lesson plans
  • Hands on math and science activities to support up to 20 students
  • Power Point slides and videos to coordinate with lesson plans
  • Supplies for up to 20 students
  • Three days of FREE instructor training

NASTAR Camp EX Kit contains lesson plans and materials for the following lessons:

• Metric System
• Newton’s Laws of Motion
• Newton Car
• Forces of Flight and Aircraft Parts
• Paper Airplanes and Control Surfaces
• Leonardo da Vinci and Parachutes
• Soda Straw Glider
• Early Pioneers — Cayley and Lilienthal
• Balsa Gliders
• Bernoulli and More Bernoulli
• Flight Propulsion
• Early Pilots
• Jets
• Bell X-1
• North American X-15
• X-Gliders
• Lifting Bodies
• Helicopters and Vertical Flight
• The Atmosphere and Weather
• Early Rocketry
• Soda Straw Rockets
• The First Human in Space
• Space Survival
• Weightlessness
• Space Suits
• Space Food
• Humans in Space
• The Space Shuttle
• Speed vs. Velocity
• Galileo’s Weighty Matters
• Hero’s Pinwheel
• Balloon Car
• Seltzer Tablet Rockets
• Space Launch System Puff Rocket
• Model Rocketry
• Commercial Space
• Heavy Lifting
• Paper Stomp Rockets