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A Revolutionary Flight Simulator For Tactical Flight Training

Cost Comparison and Benefits of the PHOENIX Centrifuge
The PHOENIX Centrifuge enhances safety and operational readiness, while reducing training costs by a factor of greater than 30:1. Cost benefits include:

  • Extended Aircraft and System Service Life
  • Extended Engine Service Life
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption and Environmental Impact
  • Reduced Annual Aircraft Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance

Training activities that can be supported by the PHOENIX Centrifuge (when equipped with an aircraft-specific cockpit module)

The ATFS 400 supports a full range of tactical flight training and physiological training events to support operational readiness for pilots flying high performance aircraft and comprises those that are routinely accomplished on a traditional flight simulator (List 1), those which are specialist activities (List 2) and those that require an advanced motion platform to replicate and accurately demonstrate what is typically flown in tactical aircraft (List 3); shown as follows:

List 1:

  • Cockpit familiarization
  • Weapons system familiarization.
  • Engine start procedures.
  • All checklist procedures.
  • Basic flight manoeuvring.
  • Aerobatic manoeuvres.
  • Night flying procedures.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Instrument flying procedures.
  • Navigation procedures.
  • Formation flying.
  • Air to air refuelling.

List 2:

  • Situational awareness training.
  • Spatial disorientation training.
  • Defensive manoeuvres.
  • Low level / terrain avoidance flying.
List 3:

  • Catapult assisted takeoffs and carrier landings.
  • Air combat manoeuvring energy management.
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery training with realistic G input.
  • Edge of the aircraft kinematic flight envelope manueuvring.
  • High angle of attack manoeuvring – managing manoeuvre energy.

Additionally, the PHOENIX Centrifuge can support a full range of research activities. It has a configurable medical monitoring and data acquisition system that can be tailored to support investigator’s needs for both clinical and operational research. It is also uniquely capable of supporting Aircraft Mishap Investigations.
The PHOENIX Centrifuge provides user’s, both research and training alike, with an affordable, high-fidelity, high G on Demand flight simulator in which to conduct high G flight training events, while emulating the performance characteristics and physiological stresses of the most advanced 4th and 5th generation fighter and fast jet aircraft.
With a continuing commitment to technology and excellence in the tactical flight community, ETC remains open and amenable to discussing new and alternative applications of our PHOENIX Centrifuge.

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