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A Revolutionary Flight Simulator For Tactical Flight Training

The G-POINTING motion control system controls the high performance motion system and is the key to the realistic simulation of varying G forces. It is a process whereby the centrifuge gondola that has 360° rotation in pitch, roll and planetary motion is continuously and actively oriented to provide pilots with high fidelity, sustained G levels in all three axes. Pilot inputs via the control stick are processed through the aircraft specific aeromodel and the control laws of the high performance motion system in order to produce the correct Gx, Gy, and Gz forces.
Over the last 15 years ETC has developed and perfected SIGNATURE TECHNOLOGY and incorporated it into the ATFS-400. Prior to ETC’s PHOENIX Centrifuge high performance motion system there did not exist a motion platform that would replicate the full and accurate motion stimuli of a tactical aircraft. Every man-controlled vehicle has a motion signature (e.g., a sports car performs and has motion characteristics that are very different from a luxury sedan). The vehicle operator senses this motion signature and the previously learned skills he uses to operate that vehicle are based on his experience with that vehicle’s motion and performance signature. This is especially true for fighter pilots who make split second decisions with rapid reactions based on their perception of what the aircraft is doing. ETC has designed the ATFS-400 in the Frequency Domain to produce a sustained G flight simulator with bandwidth similar to 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft. Today’s high-end cars like the BMW, Corvette and Porsche are designed in the Frequency Domain. Mechanical system resonances are managed to achieve a specific bandwidth by establishing mass and stiffness criteria for all components in the drive train and of each axes. This combined with state of the art control system architecture, control laws and flight models yields a flight motion system that can provide not only the performance of 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft but also the feel of the specific aircraft. This process, applied throughout the ATFS-400 system, establishes the system bandwidth. The ATFS-400 system bandwidth is equal to (or in some cases exceeds) the tactical fighter aircraft. This system bandwidth allows the ATFS-400 to accept and faithfully execute commands from ETC’s high fidelity aeromodels. Accordingly, the ATFS-400 can faithfully replicate the motion and performance signature of the tactical fighter aircraft simulated.

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