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A Revolutionary Flight Simulator For Tactical Flight Training

Usually owned by military organizations, Human Centrifuges are typically used for G training in the aerospace physiology departments and for evaluating prospective fighter pilots for high G flight in fighter aircraft. More complex high-fidelity flight simulators installed on a high performance motion system (centrifuge) are used for advanced pilot and tactical flight training. One such revolutionary flight simulator is the ATFS-400™ PHOENIX™.
The Authentic Tactical Fighting System (ATFS)-400 PHOENIX
The PHOENIX Centrifuge is a high fidelity, interchangeable, tactical aircraft cockpit that is integrated with a state-of-the-art high performance “flyable” motion system. Its modular design enables it to realistically simulate the cockpit, dynamic performance, mission systems and interactive elements of a specific type and model aircraft in a specific tactical environment. The ATFS-400 realistically models real world aircraft and threat dynamics. Pilot inputs are processed by the ATFS-400 aircraft specific aeromodel to simultaneously drive the virtual (sight and sound) cues and command the multi-axis high performance motion system to correctly produce the correct inertial G forces. ATFS-400 replicates the flight dynamics providing both the virtual cues and physical stresses, providing the physiological stresses and sustained G forces experienced during combat maneuvers.
ATFS-400 Model 25 PHOENIX Performance Capabilities

  • Maximum Sustained Gz: up to +15 Gz / -4 Gz
  • Sustained Gx: +6 Gx
  • Gz onset (G/s): up to 10 G/sec


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