The NASTAR Center

This training program includes detailed academic instruction and complements Spatial Disorientation Training. Since loss of Situational Awareness and Spatial Disorientation episodes account for more than half of the major aircraft mishaps each year, this training can substantially improve flying safety.
A NASTAR Center instructor will prepare training materials suited to the customer’s training needs taking into account mission profiles, aircraft types and aircrew force experience level. Specific courses are available for fighter, tanker/transport or helicopter aircraft. These training materials are delivered when the NASTAR Center instructor arrives to conduct instructor training for the customer. This process creates a highly efficient training system where resident instructors become fully qualified to safely and effectively teach the NASTAR Center supplied curriculum to aircrews.
Situational Awareness Course (1 Day Program) – Situational Awareness is a vital part of safe and effective flying operations. Nearly 1/2 of all human factors mishaps are due to some form of loss of Situational Awareness. This course will explore how pilots develop and maintain Situational Awareness. Additionally, methods to recognize the loss of Situational Awareness in yourself and in others are discussed. The course concludes with recommended techniques for dealing with Loss of Situational Awareness and techniques for regaining Situational Awareness. Academic course only.
Cockpit Resource Management (1 Day Program) – This course provides pilots with the knowledge to more effectively and safely perform their flight missions. Trainees are able to understand the physical, physiological, psychological, psychosocial, pharmacological and pathological factors that influence in-flight performance. CRM training leads to better decision making, better judgment and better airmanship. Academic course only.