The NASTAR Center

The NASTAR Center offers a comprehensive training program for both air and ground egress. The program includes both academic instruction followed by hands-on training in the customer’s ejection/escape procedures trainer. As in the case of all NASTAR Center courses, the Emergency Egress course is a complete, turn-key training system that includes audiovisual materials, an instructor guide, a student workbook, and training scenarios for the procedure trainer (if applicable). The experienced NASTAR Center instructor conducts training for customer instructors so they can immediately begin training aircrews safely and effectively.
Egress and Ejection Training Course (1 Day Program) – This course provides Egress and Ejection Seat Training. Also covered are the decision process to eject, pre-ejection procedures, ejection procedures, post-ejection procedures and instruction on the use and training with an Ejection Seat Trainer. Ejection Training database records and recording are also covered. Academic course with ejections in an Ejection Seat Simulator. Satisfies the requirements of AF I 11- 403.