The NASTAR Center

These academics only courses are designed to provide aviators with knowledge on fitness, safety, and operational and personal health in flight and pre/post flight. Courses may be combined or taken separate.
Cardiology in Aviation (0.5 Day Program) – This branch of occupational medicine encompasses all aspects of the man/machine interface in the aviation environment and specifically relates to aircrew fitness. It applies not only to flight crew, their fitness, certification and operational environment, but also to passengers, and for the safe carriage of those who are unwell.
Fatigue Management (0.5 Day Program) – Familiarizes Aircrew with the risk impacts of fatigue which reduce aircrews’ ability to perform their duties accurately, effectively and safely. This course demonstrates techniques to recognize fatigue before it results in an accident.
Stress and Stress Management (0.5 Day Program) – This course discusses the effects of various stressors on human performance with emphasis on Man-Machine interface, Age, Physical Condition, Psychological Stresses, Stress v Performance, Personality Types.
Wellness Academics Course (0.5 Day Program) – The Wellness Training Course provides instructors the background information to conduct Wellness & General Health training for aircrew, space crew and space travelers. This course provides suggested wellness and health programs to participants which support the academic portion of High G training for tactical or commercial human space flights.