Title: Systems Engineering Lead
Duties: Biomedical, Audio, Video, and Optical Systems.
Background: Scott Dyer has over 26 years at ETC working in the areas of engineering and test. Scott oversees the design, set up, and operation of the biomedical, flight data, and life support systems at the NASTAR Center. Scott supports client requests including equipment modifications and special or additional equipment needs.
Scott ensures successful instrumentation, data recording, and communication between operations staff and clients while undergoing the NASTAR Center activities. His experience and skills include: Requirements, System Safety, and Reliability analysis as well as Audio, Video, Biomedical monitoring and recording design. He also oversees optical design of custom projection lenses for simulation displays and Control Console and Graphical User Interface design.
Scott has an Associates in Electrical Technology from Lincoln Technical Institute in Allentown PA. His professional memberships include: Delaware valley chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society.