The NASTAR Center

Title: Director of Space Training and Research

Duties: Business Development, Training Program Manager, PR, Instructor
Background: Brienna Henwood is the Director of Space Training and Research and is the marketing and PR liaison for the NASTAR Center. She has 12 years experience in sales, business development, and strategic planning and communications. In her role at the NASTAR Center, Brienna develops new training programs, builds relationships with governments, industry, and academia, and is a spokeswoman for creating global awareness and public involvement in commercial space.
Her efforts have grown the NASTAR Center from inception into an internationally recognized “leader in commercial spaceflight training” in under four years. Brienna is involved in aviation, space, and ocean related endeavors which focus on optimizing human performance in extreme environments.
Brienna is a certified SCUBA Master and Scientific Diver, Student Pilot, Space Instructor, Certified Group Health and Fitness Instructor, and a published researcher and author.