Title: Equipment Manager

Duties: Equipment Maintenance and Servicing, Instructor
Background: Amer Makahleh is the Equipment Manager for the NASTAR Center where he operates, monitors, calibrates & maintains the physiological training devices housed at the NASTAR Center which include the PHOENIX Centrifuge, Altitude Chamber, Gyrolab, GyroIPT, General Aviation Trainer, Night Vision & Night Vision Goggle Training System, Ejection Seat Simulator, and the GYM equipment.
Amer has over 20 years of experience in Aviation physiology training and hyperbaric treatment. Amer also instructs the NASTAR Center operations staff members and ensures internal operation skills are kept current. In addition, Amer is a Instructor and courseware developer for the Aviation Physiology courses at the NASTAR Center and for ETC’s AeroMedical Training Institute (AMTI), which trains equipment operators, physicians, and pilots on ETC purchased equipment.
Mr. Makahleh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computers & Computer Information Systems from Philadelphia University in Amman, Jordan. He has a Flight Electronics Diploma from the Royal Jordanian Air Force Prince Faisal Technical College, a Certificate from the United States Air Force of Aerospace Medicine for successfully completing the Aerospace Physiologist Course, and a Certificate of Training from the United States Air Force for successful completing the Principles of Instruction Course.