Richard "Dick" Leland

Dick, President of the NASTAR Center, has over 19 years experience as an Aerospace Physiologist and Instructor.

Glenn B. King

Glenn, Director of Physiology Training, is an FAA-rated pilot, holding both Single and Multi-Engine instrument ratings.

Sebastian Strzyzewski

Sebastian is the Chief Flight Instructor for the Advanced Pilot Training courses at the NASTAR Center.

Brienna Henwood

Brie is the Director of Space Training and Research and is the marketing and PR liaison for the NASTAR Center.

Gregory P. Kennedy

Greg, Director of Education, has over 35 years of educational experience and has authored and co-authored several books.

Amer Makahleh

Amer, Equipment Manager, has 20 years of experience in Aviation physiology training and hyperbaric treatment.

Swee Weng Fan, MD

Dr. Fan, Director of Aerospace Physiology, manages NASTAR Center training courses and continually enhances them.

Scott Dyer

Scott, Systems Engineering Lead, has over 26 years at ETC working in the areas of engineering and test.

Michael Newman

As Principal Investigator, Mike's research focuses on modeling and understanding human perception and cognition.

Geoffrey W. McCarthy, MD

Dr. McCarthy, Aeromedical Physician, has over 30 years in human factors and aviation medicine.

Richard J. Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton, Chief Medical Officer, has over 25 years monitoring pilots' physiological and cognitive stresses under G.