ETC’s NASTAR Center is the leader in the development and delivery of Space Training, Commercial Pilot Training, and Military Pilot Training programs.
Training is focused on optimizing human performance in both nominal and emergency flight situations. Programs are taught by expert physiologists and aerospace professionals and feature classroom academics, comprehensive techniques, and simulated flight exposures.

All Aerospace Training Programs


Basic Suborbital Space Training

Provides future space travelers with the core knowledge and skills to become a capable spaceflight participant.

Advanced Space Training

Provide enhanced knowledge and in-depth training that goes above and beyond the basic space training course.

Space Payload Specialist Training

Provides the skills to design, plan, and conduct experiments on commercial suborbital spaceflights.

Space Suits and Systems Training

Underwater Escape, Parachute Drag, Parachute Drop and Disentanglement, and Helicopter Rescue Hoist training.

Launch and Reentry G-Force Training

Features 360° continuous and simultaneous motion in four axes (planetary, pitch, roll, and yaw) up to 6Gs.

Situational Awareness Training

The system includes computer-based training stations and a three-axes, motion-based flight training device (FTD).

Spatial Disorientation Training

Designed to provide pilots with the knowledge and skills to handle visual and vestibular illusions.

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Designed to provide Pilots with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and recover from upset scenarios.

Rapid Decompression Training

Designed for anyone interested in understanding how to identify symptoms of hypoxia and handle low-oxygen.

Military Aviation Physiology Training

Provides military aircrew and physiologists with knowledge needed to understand human physiology in flight.

High G Training

Provides pilots with the knowledge and skills to safely endure and execute tasks in a high G environment.

Night Vision Training

Provides classroom instruction and practical exercises of techniques to improve vision during low-light conditions.

Egress and Ejection Training

Includes both academic instruction followed by hands-on training in the customer's ejection procedures trainer.

Spaceport Response Operations

ADMS-Spaceport is an emergency management training simulator developed for spaceport ground response.

Aviation Health and Wellness

Provides aviators with knowledge on fitness, safety, and operational and personal health in flight and pre/post flight.

Land and Water Survival Training

Provides pilots, crew, and passengers with the skills needed to survive unanticipated land or water landings.