The GL-4000 is a dynamic, centrifuge-based motion platform, as well as a data capture and collection system. It features 360° continuous and simultaneous motion in four axes (planetary, pitch, roll, and yaw) up to 6Gs and 120° x 70° Field of View & real-world visual display. The interchangeable cockpit modules can support multiple aircraft types, including rotary wing aircraft simulators.
The GL-4000 is a useful tool in physiology and flight training as well as in clinical and operational research applications. It includes an interactive profile editor for spatial disorientation, situational awareness, and other flight scenarios.


• Space Training
• Spatial Disorientation
• Situational Awareness
• Upset Prevention and Recovery
• High Angle of Attack maneuvering
• Multiple Aircraft Operations
• Formation & Aerobatic Maneuvers
• Instrument and Navigation training
• Takeoff and Landing
• Motion Sickness Desensitization
• Mishap Recreation and Investigation
• Night Flying


• 10-Foot Planetary Arm
• Electro-Mech Motion Drive System
• Maximum G Level: 6
• Onset Rate: 0.8 G/second
• Single seat, control stick
• Rudder pedals with control loading
• Multi-channel voice comm system
• Forced air ventilation
• Photorealistic airports
• Interchangeable cockpits
• BIOPAK medical monitoring
• CCTV video capture & recording