The system offers interactive, multi-level training of first responders, on-scene commanders, incident command teams, Air Traffic Control, and Emergency Operations Center staff for: airfield disaster management, catastrophe support operations, containment of active shooters/terrorist attacks, HAZMAT/CBRNE emergency response, support to civil authorities, and humanitarian assistance training.
Additionally, the system assists in preparing for TACEVALs, aircraft rescue fire fighting (ARFF) operations, developing disaster preparedness plans including measures to minimize casualties and damage resulting from major accidents and natural disasters, and training for several aspects of military operations such as Support Operations.

Unique Features Include:

  • Limitless scenario generating capabilities
  • Military-specific aircraft, helicopters, and vehicles
  • Full airbase environment including runways, hangars, training grounds, housing, POL-section, munitions storage, and wildlands.
  • Event changing variables such as casualty number and type, on-board weapons systems, and weather conditions
  • Portable systems for mobile training teams (MTT) or fully installed systems with immersion theaters and full surround sound


Training Benefits:

  • Lower overall training costs by saving on operation and live exercise costs
  • Train any scenario, any time
  • Supports NATO, NIMS, NFPA, HSEEP, and ICAO guidelines
  • Increase number and skill level of trained staff
  • Immersive actions create increased learning retention
  • Train staff during their normal working hours
  • Repeatable training: exercises can be replayed
  • Observation and scoring system for performance review
  • After action review (AAR) to evaluate exercise effectiveness
  • No risk to lives or property
  • No live resources, no pollution for sustainable operations
  • Train securely and confidentially