The NASTAR Center’s FAA approved hypobaric (high-altitude) chamber provides a safe, controlled and medically monitored setting to conduct research or to train personnel on how to recognize and cope with low oxygen situations such as hypoxia, night vision deficiency, and rapid decompression scenarios. Hypoxia presents a serious danger for anyone traveling to high altitudes, such as pilots, space travelers, and mountain climbers. The NASTAR Center’s chamber is ASME, PVHO, NFPA, EN ISO 9001 Compliant.

Training Values

• Aids in identifying individual physiological responses and ability in low oxygen environments
• Affords ability to simulate low/no oxygen emergency situations and procedures
• Safe, controlled, medically monitored environment
• Large chamber accommodates large group sizes and objects


• Rapid Decompression
• Claustrophobia and discomfort test
• Low oxygen emergency procedures
• Life support equipment testing
• Altitude acclimation and sports endurance
• Hypoxia
• Pressure breathing
• Mechanical gas expansion
• Hyperventilation
• Oxygen equipment use


• Maximum altitude: 100,000 feet
• Maximum ascent rate: 12,000 ft/min
• RD ascent rate: 16,000 ft/min
• Automated flight control system
• Interactive flight profile editor
• CCTV video capture and recording